Increasing Your Social Media Followers

I’ll be the first to admit, increasing the amount of followers I have on social media has always been a frustration of mine. While followers might not be as important as your ratio of likes to followers and overall engagement, they are still important. Increasing your number of followers will lead to a larger audience,... Continue Reading →

Instagram Guide for Beginners

A few readers who are less familiar with Instagram have asked for a guide to help them get started. In this article, I’ll cover Instagram basics from starting a profile to creating your first post! Step 1: Creating an Instagram Account Photo by Katka Pavlickova on Unsplash To create an Instagram account, you’ll either want to download the... Continue Reading →

Blocking Out the Haters

For years I was obsessed with making everyone in my life happy. I was a “yes” girl and when people were awful to me or talked about me behind my back, I couldn’t help but think that it was my fault. Here’s the thing, it was never my fault and as the old (hm, new?)... Continue Reading →

Authenticity – On and Offline

Authentic. A word commonly used amongst millennials, authenticity is about so much more than how we represent ourselves on social media. Authenticity comes down to the way you treated the barista at your local coffee shop when you were in a rush to get to work. Authenticity is how you interact with coworkers, your bosses,... Continue Reading →

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