Instagram Live: Five Tips to Get Started

Social media is constantly changing. Instagram Live is one of those newer changes. Below I’ll talk about how to get started using Instagram Live so that both you and your business reap the benefits. If you’re not sure how Instagram Live can help you market your business, check out this article that puts the benefits in... Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Making Your Blog Content, Vlog Content

Vlogging can be just as useful and important as writing a strong blog. Vlogging is a great tool to have in your back pocket for multiple reasons:  Vlogging gives your audience another way to consume your information Vlogging gives your audience another way to connect with you Vlogging makes how-to articles interactive and even more helpful for... Continue Reading →

Writing: The Backbone of Your Business

So often I see amazing entrepreneurs with so much natural talent, but they can’t write a single grammatically correct and interesting sentence. Grammar mistakes litter their websites and social media posts and I’ve even seen some entrepreneurs laugh it off and simply explain, “so what? I can’t spell.” My rule of thumb has always been,... Continue Reading →

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