The Importance of Making Connections

Living in Reno, Nevada, coined “The Biggest Little City,” my parents have always expressed how important it is to be kind and watch what you say. Reno has a lot of old families who have been here for most of their lives. Growing up, I had to learn that if you said something bad about one person, you could be saying that bad thing to that person’s cousin, nephew, niece, etc. That’s why my parents always encouraged me to be kind and if I wasn’t going to say something nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all.

This lesson is also a great lesson for business and maintaining connections. In my blog about Authenticity I explain how important it is to hold yourself to a high standard. Professionalism should always remain a priority. Be kind, gracious and always keep your negative thoughts about another coworker or individual to yourself. Read on for my personal experience with making connections.

This semester I had the great opportunity to take a class on personal branding from a professor I had heard a lot about in my MBA program. I heard this professor was tough and demanded hard work, but the work you did in his class would be better than a lot of the work you would put out in any other class. Those rumors were true. I learned a lot and I liked it so much, I took a class from him in the Summer too.

When I met this professor at the beginning of the semester, we got to talking about my dance company, Collateral & Co. My professor, who ran TEDx at the University of Nevada, Reno, told me he always wanted to do something with dance for a TEDx event. I took that information and ran with it. I saw an opportunity and I dove at the chance. I followed up with my professor with samples of the work my company does with film company Tweaking Reality Studios and I didn’t take no for an answer. I set out to make TEDx an opportunity, maintained contact with my professor and consistently followed up until I saw that opportunity come to fruition. Maintaining connections is SO important to seeing real growth in your business and brand. It is amazing what a connection will do for you if you are brave enough to ask and follow through, while demonstrating absolute professionalism and gratitude.

The below film is the culmination of our work for the TEDxReno virtual event that premiered June 27, 2020.

Thank you to my professor, Dr. Bret Simmons, who encouraged this work and brought out the best in me this Spring and Summer.

In such a difficult time, I hope this film gives you hope.

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