Sharing your Opinion on Social Media without Sacrificing Professionalism

For years we’ve been told that sharing our opinions on social media is a negative. Nowadays, with a great deal of social unrest, followers are expecting influencers and businesses to take a side, state an opinion or acknowledge the ever-growing issues that plague our nation and our world and do so online. Below I’ll share a few tips on how to share your opinion without sacrificing professionalism.

Be Okay with Backlash

The first most important thing you should know and come to terms with before posting your opinion is the fact that there will always be someone who disagrees with your point of view. They might unfollow you, call you out in comments, or even bad mouth you on their own social media handles. It’s important to be comfortable in your opinion and feel secure in your choice to share. Meet the backlash with understanding and grace. More on how to respond to the backlash, trolls, and haters later in this post.

Be Eloquent

You can share your message eloquently, even if you are upset. No need to curse or draw attention to anything but your message. If you are posting about something that has made you upset, find another way to express that anger genuinely and professionally. Use phrases like “I’m passionate about this because ______” or “This angers me and made me want to speak up because _______.” As a writer, I’m always impressed by individuals who speak eloquently and defend their opinions with grace.

Respond with Grace

It’s very important to respond to anyone who disagrees with you and any trolls or haters with grace. When responding to someone who vehemently disagrees with your opinion, try saying things like “I’m glad we can talk openly about this issue and I appreciate your comment.” Lately, I’ve seen a lot of individuals openly posting on social media, “Just unfollow me if you don’t agree with me.” People can and are going to disagree with you. What does it solve and what objective is met by cutting off the lines of communication?  Meet disagreement and opinions with understanding. 

If you have a hater that posts inappropriate comments and is not serving the conversation or fails to see another person’s opinion, pay them no mind and if you have to, block them. Be upfront with your followers from the start and tell them you will not stand for disrespectful discourse in any form. If you aren’t sure how to block out the haters in your life, read this article where I give you more tips on how to deal with the many different types of hater that manifest via social media and in life. 

Find it In Your Heart to Be the Bigger Person

Like I said, not everyone is going to agree with your sentiments and that is okay. Unless we have the difficult conversations, change will cease to exist. Be the bigger person when sharing your opinion. Find it in your heart to respect the opinions of others, gracefully challenge those opinions, and be the bigger person when or if the conversations becomes negative or detrimental. 

I hope this article helps you navigate sharing your opinion on social media. If you are looking for more information on how to professionally share your opinion, I like this vlog from Tony Howell. Tony gives some great tips on how to respond and fact check your opinion before sharing. Do you share your opinions on social media? How do you keep things professional? Let me know in the comments! 



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