Want to Gain More Followers? Host an Instagram Giveaway

Growing your following on Instagram is about more than just having more followers. More followers means more individuals are exposed to your message, your products, and your services. 

One way you can gain more followers is by hosting an Instagram giveaway. Below I’ll share how to host an Instagram giveaway and why it can be effective. 

An Instagram giveaway can do two main things: 

  1. Increase your followers 

Increasing your followers will lead to a much larger audience consuming your posts. The more followers, the more interaction and potential clients/customers. 

  1. Encourages mass sharing of a specific post 

If you are trying to bring attention to a specific post, you might consider attaching a giveaway to that post. For example, if you are hosting an upcoming event you can market that event by hosting a giveaway. 

So, how do you host a giveaway?

Step 1: Decide if you’ll collaborate with others 

If there’s someone else who has a similar following to yours, i.e. followers who have interests in the same things, ask them if they will collaborate on your giveaway with you. By teaming up, you’ll expand your reach which will lead to more exposure and more follower/potential customers or clients.  

Step 2: Decide what you’ll give away

Photo by Don Agnello on Unsplash

Your prize should be something that makes sense for you, your brand, and what you are promoting or marketing. If you are collaborating with another business/entrepreneur, the prize can be a bundle of items and should reflect both yours and your collaborator’s brands. You should also consider how you will deliver your giveaway. Is the prize easy to ship? Will you limit your giveaway to those in your city or area? These are all questions you should consider when deciding on your prize or bundle of prizes. 

Step 3: Decide your entry criteria 

Many giveaways have specific steps/guidelines you must follow in order to be considered to win. You’ll need to decide and clearly post what your guidelines are so that there is no ambiguity regarding how an entrant can win. You might consider following @daehair’s lead when it comes to your giveaway. They require that you follow all collaborators, tag two friends, and like the giveaway photo. They even throw in an extra entry if you share their post as a story. You can see that if followers follow these guidelines, Dae Hair’s post gets shared over and over again on thousands of different stories and to thousands of different users. This effectively and efficiently expands their reach. 

Step 4: Decide the Length of Your Giveaway 

Some Instagram users believe there is a perfect amount of time to leave a giveaway open. If you close too early, you risk that not enough people have yet seen your post. If you leave it up too long, you might lose steam on entries or alternatively, you might be inundated with far too many entrants. Take a look at how your followers usually respond to your posts. Do you get a lot of likes all at once or does it take more time? You can use this to measure how long your giveaway should be active. Most giveaways, however, last no longer than 24 hours as you’ll quickly lose interest on a social media site that is inundated with a large sum of posts every single day.

Step 5: Create Your Giveaway Post and Follow Up 

In this final step, you’ll want to create an appealing and on-brand post. If you have a collaborator on your giveaway, consider creating your posts together so they are on-brand and cohesive across your brands. Once you’ve posted your giveaway post, you’ll want to make sure you follow up with Instagram story posts. Consider creating Instagram story posts in advance that direct your followers to your profile, or your collaborator’s profile, and that are on brand and cohesive with every other post you have already posted or will post. 

I hope this article was helpful! If you want more information on how to create an Instagram giveaway, I like this article. Have you done an Instagram Giveaway? How did it go? Let me know in the comments. If you haven’t done a giveaway, I encourage you to give it a try! As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 



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