4 Ways to Use IGTV to Up Your Business’s Marketing Strategy

Instagram TV, or IGTV, is one of the newer ways Instagram allows you to share content. Perhaps the best part of IGTV is that this part of the app allows you to post longer videos than Instagram’s usual one minute limit. This allows you to get in front of your audience for a greater length of time and create a stronger connection. 

Below I’ll share 5 different ways you can use IGTV to step up your business’s marketing strategy.

Release BTS Content to IGTV 

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Let your followers get to know you and your company from a different angle. Consider recording behind the scenes content to show your followers how your business runs on a day to day basis. Take questions from your viewers and show them the things you wouldn’t normally. This will foster a greater connection between your audience as you’ll be openly inviting them into your world. 

Post Tutorial Videos

If you are attempting to promote a product or service, tutorials are a great option for posting to IGTV. Being able to explain your product or show how something works will serve your audience and make it such that your audience will always be able to find how your product works or get ideas for how to use your product. I like this tutorial video as an example of how you can use IGTV to promote your product. This Reno, NV clothing boutique shows the many ways you can style a single one of their products.

Set up a Recurring Show

Similar to a podcast, IGTV can be used for recurring content. Delve into a different topic each week or interview a different guest each week. This can be as simple as taking your already written blog content and expanding upon a specific topic you touch on in a blog. The more you open the lines of communication between you and your audience and create consistent content, the better. A recurring show reminds your audience that they can come back each and every week to view your content and view new content curated specifically to them.

Q + A / FAQ

Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

IGTV is a great place to answer questions and ask questions yourself. By giving your followers the guidance they seek and need, you’ll transform a follower into a supporter. You might consider hosting a question and answer IGTV to better connect with your audience and moreover, to receive feedback from your audience. Answering questions and evaluating the kinds of questions your audience is asking can only help you better understand how you can best provide for your customer. 

I hope this article gave you some insight into the ways that you can use IGTV to your advantage. I like this guide for more tips and how-to’s on IGTV. Have you used IGTV? How do you use IGTV to market your business or brand? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. I appreciate this article and your great information to educate on the latest available tool to help successfully build an audience for a business. Thanks, Caitlin for bringing this gem to my attention.

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