Facebook Live: Five Tips To Get Started

Recently, I had a good friend reach out to me regarding hosting a Facebook Live event. She is getting married next weekend and with Covid-19 still threatening daily life, she wanted to know how she could share her marriage on Facebook with specific Facebook friends. 

Live events are becoming more and more popular with our world’s current situation. Whether the events are personal or business oriented, the need for Facebook Live events is growing at a rapid rate. Below I’ll share five tips on how to get started with Facebook Live.

Before getting started on your live event, Make sure that you have a Facebook account if you don’t already have one. You can sign up for Facebook here

1. Create an Event

You can go live to all of your followers, but if you would prefer to go live to only a select few, you can create an event instead. 

When logged into your Facebook account on your computer, you’ll see a menu of items along the left hand side. If you’re on your phone on the Facebook app, you can see this menu by clicking on the three lines at the bottom right-hand-side of your app. After finding the menu, click on the “Events” tab. Once here, choose “Create Event” and choose “private event.” 

Enter all the information you would like friends to see on your event page and make sure you are clear about this event being a “Live” event.

2. Gather Your Materials

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The great thing about Facebook is that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to pull together a Live video. You can use a smartphone, laptop with a built-in camera, a tablet or a basic webcam. If you are concerned about lighting, maybe your event is taking place at night or somewhere that is heavily shadowed, you can find a guide for lighting here.

3. Set-Up

Make sure you have a good shot. Whether your live stream is of yourself or others, you’ll want to make sure the subject is clear, audible and fills the frame. Be flexible and remember, a live stream doesn’t always go exactly as planned and that is okay. Part of the beauty of live streaming an event is that you still get to share something special with people from all over.

4. Check Your Wifi

Wifi can be spotty so you’ll want to make sure ahead of time that you can easily livestream from the location you would like to stream from, especially if you are outside. Consider creating a “test” event where you can test all of your equipment and wifi before. Ask some friends or family if you can test on them. Invite them to your private event and then ask, Can they hear you? Can they see you? Are you glitching in and out? Taking the time to make sure that all of the above is working effectively and efficiently will save you a lot of stress and worry the day of your event.

5. Start Live Streaming

On your event page you’ll find a box that allows you several different options to post. Here you’ll see “live video.” Click on this option and you’ll be able to live stream to all of the individuals you invited to your event. I suggest going live and then waiting a few minutes for people to begin tuning in before starting your event. 

I hope these tips help you get started with your live stream Facebook event. Still feeling confused? Here’s some help direct from Facebook

Have you tried live streaming on Facebook? Let me know how it went in the comments! 



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