5 Tips for Making Your Blog Content, Vlog Content

Vlogging can be just as useful and important as writing a strong blog. Vlogging is a great tool to have in your back pocket for multiple reasons: 

  • Vlogging gives your audience another way to consume your information 
  • Vlogging gives your audience another way to connect with you 
  • Vlogging makes how-to articles interactive and even more helpful for your audience 
  • Vlogging is even more personal than a blog post 

So how do you get started? Below I’ll share some tips on how to diversify your blog so that you can begin sharing vlogs too! 

1. Check Your Microphone 

Technology is a great tool these days and many computers come with outstanding software and high quality microphones. Check your microphone to make sure the sound quality is high. Can you hear yourself? Is there an echo or any audio interference? If you can’t hear yourself or you’re hearing crackling or an echo, you’ll want to get a higher quality microphone. I like this article for help finding the right microphone.

2. Check Your Lighting & Setup 

Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

The lighting and your surroundings are two of the most important items to consider when creating a vlog. Make sure that your lighting is either facing your or filling the room. Don’t place lighting behind you or on one side of you. This will cause you to be backlit or shadows will be cast across your face. If your audience can’t see you, then what was the point of creating a vlog? Here is an article I like that should help you choose the right lighting for your situation.

Your surroundings are just as important! Make sure that you’ve designated an area for your vlogs and ensure that it is clean, professional and further amplifies your brand. For example, if you blog about health and fitness maybe you’ll want your vlog to be in a workout room or studio. Your setup will also affect your sound. Make sure you aren’t filming somewhere there will be an echo or background noise. 

3. Be Enthusiastic and Professional

Vlogging is not for the timid. Be enthusiastic about what you are telling your audience and chance is, they’ll be enthusiastic about your content and respond as such. Your vlog should work the same way as your blog. It should always be professional and you should engage with your audience as much as possible. Ask questions and give answers!

4. Find the Right Screen Capture Software

Vlogging is extremely helpful for “How-to” articles that require a step by step guide. Being able to walk your audience through something in real time is invaluable and your audience will thank you for it! In order to walk your audience through something that you have open on your computer, you’ll need to find the right screen capture software. I like this article for more information on choosing the right screen capture software.

5. Write a Script… But don’t read it

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

In order to represent yourself professionally while vlogging, you’ll need to write a script. However, don’t just read from this script, especially if the camera is on your face. Be familiar enough with your script that you need only to refer to it. You don’t want your audience looking at the top of your head as you read content to them. You should speak and look at your camera as if you were having a conversation with someone. You can even use your script to write the key points of your vlog and post alongside it. This way, your audience can decide to quickly skim your main points, or watch your entire video.

I hope these tips were helpful and can get you on the right track if you’re thinking about vlogging. Blog content that features video is beneficial for so many different reasons. I challenge you to give it a try this week. Let me know how it goes in the comments! 



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