Increasing Your Social Media Followers

I’ll be the first to admit, increasing the amount of followers I have on social media has always been a frustration of mine. While followers might not be as important as your ratio of likes to followers and overall engagement, they are still important. Increasing your number of followers will lead to a larger audience, more feedback, and a greater possibility for collaboration with like-minded followers. Below I’ll share a few tips so that you can increase your number of followers and increase your influence. 

Make Sure Your Social Media Profile is Complete 

Photo by Gil Ribeiro on Unsplash

This is key. If you make sure your profile is complete, and eye-catching, more people will visit and more people will follow. Your profile should have the following items to be considered complete: 

  1. Make sure your profile has a profile picture that is true to your brand or your company’s brand. 

Don’t choose a photo that has nothing to do with your brand. For example, if you own a bike shop, you wouldn’t choose a picture of yourself on the beach as a profile picture would you? Make sure that your profile picture is a picture that has something to do with bikes or what you do as a bike shop. 

  1. Link your website or your company’s website on your profile page. 

Every social media site gives you the opportunity to post your website somewhere on your profile page. So, do it! If your followers have questions or need to reach you, they’ll likely go looking for your website for more information. Make it easy on them and make sure that link is somewhere obvious and visible. 

  1. Make sure you have an about section or a bio somewhere on your profile page. 

This about section does not need to be extensive, just something that briefly allows your audience to get to know you and what you do. I like this article by Dara Fontein for tips on how to write a bio for every kind of social media profile. 

Always Use Hashtags 

Photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash

Hashtags can increase your interaction with social media users quite significantly. So how do you know what hashtag to use? I like sites like Hashtagify. Hashtagify allows you to search hashtags by most used and most popular so that you can create a strategy around the kinds of hashtags you are using and when you are using them.

Interact Authentically 

Being authentic and humble are two of the easiest ways to increase your followers. Social media users connect with individuals who represent themselves authentically online. The more honest and true to yourself you can be, the more users will be drawn to you and your brand. For tips on how to represent yourself authentically, both on and offline, you can read my blog here.

Use the Channels You Own to Promote Your Social Media Channels

Use your blog, website, and emails to promote your social media channels. The more you promote yourself on these channels, the more you’ll begin to see support on your social media handles. You can do this a few ways: 

  • Insert Widgets on your blog or website to connect your social profiles 
  • Create a link to your website or social media channels in the signature line on your email 
  • Always refer people back to your social media channels and website/blog on marketing emails and captions 

Consistently Create and Post New Content

Creating and posting new content on your page is integral to gaining new followers. Being consistent in what you post, when you post and how you post will show your followers that they can always count on you for interesting and valuable content. Serve your followers first and your own interests second. Make sure that the content you are creating and posting is in your value stream and relevant to your brand. Once you’ve determined this, create more of that same content. Show your followers, and future followers, that they can count on you for a steady stream of valuable content.  If you’re too busy to create new content every single day, I like this article by Neil Patel that talks about how to grow your followers without creating new content. 

As you can see above there are a few ways to up the amount of followers on your social media pages. When practiced, these tips can increase the number of followers on your social channels and continue to help you perform your best on social media. I challenge you to begin incorporating one of these tips into your social media strategy this week! Let me know in the comments which strategy is speaking to you! 



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  1. You have great content in this article. Definitely had several learning moments! I will have to check out the extensive value you shared from other experts. I liked the HASHTAGIFY site.

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    1. The Hashtagify site is awesome! I’ve found it really helps me narrow down my audience! I hope you’ve given it a try!


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