Create a Linking Strategy: It’s Important!

One of the easiest and most effective ways to promote your brand is to have a strong linking strategy. So, what’s a linking strategy? A linking strategy is a plan for how you will optimize the links you are sharing and drive traffic to those links. Below, I’ll go over a few different tactics you can use on social media to optimize your linking strategy. A strong linking strategy on social media can serve you in many ways: 

  • Improved brand awareness 
  • Increased traffic to your website or link’s destination
  • Increased opportunities for collaboration with companies and entrepreneurs

Linking on Instagram

Instagram is tricky because you aren’t able to link in the same way you can on other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Instagram does not allow you to link within your captions and the app only allows a swipe up feature in Instagram stories for users who have over 10k followers. So, how do you make sure your followers are seeing a link to your most recent blog post and are able to access your blog or products when you need or want them to? Linktree is an incredible tool that you can place in the website section on your Instagram profile page. If you are new to Instagram, you can read my recent blog Instagram Guide for Beginners for help. Linktree acts as a single link that redirects your followers to a list of other valuable links. You set the links from the linktree site and simply place the URL given by Linktree in the website section on your profile. This service is invaluable because it gives your followers all of your pertinent links in one easy to find place. So, the next time you post about your most recent blog, make sure you’ve set up a link in your Linktree for that blog and then tell your followers in the caption of your Instagram post that they can read more at the “link in your bio.” Need to learn the basics of Linktree? I like this article. 

Linking on Facebook

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

When linking on Facebook, the platform gives you an opportunity to delete the physical link and just keep the preview of the link, i.e. the photo or content that represents the link. Pro tip: Don’t delete the physical link. The physical link can improve your click-throughs and ensure that even if the preview of the link is not working or displaying an interesting photo, the physical link will still take your audience to where you are intending.  

Let your link do the talking. If you preface a link with a long explanation of what your audience will see if they click on that link, your audience will quickly lose interest and will scroll past your link anyway. Keep your link description short and let your link do the talking and redirecting! 

Linking on Twitter

Linking on Twitter is simple and the app does most of the work for you. When you go to tweet a link, the app automatically creates an interesting preview for your content, if available, and often shortens the link so you don’t have a long URL taking up the characters of your Tweet. Make sure you share your website URL on your profile page so you can refer your audience back to your profile if they want to learn more about your work. You can link your website to Twitter by visiting your profile and clicking “Edit Profile.” From here, you’ll be able to easily enter your website URL so you can efficiently redirect your audience to your profile should they want to visit your website and learn more about you, your company, or your brand. 

Links are integral to the productivity of any business. Without a link to redirect your audience to find your most recent blog or your newest product, it will be hard to gain any ground in your business. The most effective way to market yourself or your brand on social media is by being consistent in your linking strategy. Make sure it is easy for your followers to find your products, blogs, or any other information. They’ll be grateful and so will you! 

What linking strategies work for you? Do you link across all of your social media channels or only some? Let me know in the comments! 


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