Instagram Stories: Creating a Strategy

Instagram stories are a great way to take your social media strategy to the next level. What is really great about Instagram stories, is that they allow you to post content without posting directly to your feed and profile. They are also a great way to connect directly with your audience and allow more interaction than your typical post that only offers interaction in the form of comments and likes. Instagram stories can and should be a large element of your business’ social media marketing strategy. Below I’ll share a few tips on how you can make this a reality!

Post Consistently

If you are going to use stories, it is important that you post consistently. You can post any number of things to your stories. Ask your followers questions, create polls, and record yourself talking with your audience. The more you can invite your audience into your business, the more they’ll feel involved and want to connect with you. Below are some ideas for content: 

  • Share an office event 
  • Share your product and demonstrate how it works
  • Give an announcement 
  • Promote an event being hosted by your company 
  • Promote an event being hosted by a collaborator 
  • Host a talk with a collaborator about the work you are doing 
  • Encourage your followers to ask questions and then answer those questions 

Post at Optimal Times

Stories only last for 24 hours, so it is important that you take advantage of that small window and post at the most optimal times. Take the time to understand your analytics and metrics so that you can perform your best and post at the best time. I like this article by Nikki Canning for help in understanding Instagram analytics and then using them to take your business to the next level.

Create Interactive Content

Instagram stories have a lot of really fun ways to create interactive content. You can include stickers in your story with everything from fun gifs, emojis, polls, questions, and more. Creating interactive content will encourage your followers to continue to return to your profile because your content is engaging and exciting. Here is an article I like by Caroline Forsey for more information on how to incorporate stickers in your Instagram stories.

Make Your Stories Shareable

Make sure your followers can share your stories with their followers. This is important because it will quickly expand your reach and influence. The more people who see you and/or your products, the better. You can do this by visiting your profile and tapping on the three lines in the upper right corner. From there, you’ll tap on “Settings,” then “Privacy” and then choose “Story.” After choosing “Story” you’ll scroll to the bottom of the page and toggle the “Allow Resharing to Stories” button so that it is on.

Create a Posting Schedule

Just like your Instagram posts, your stories should be planned out as well. Creating a posting schedule won’t only help you stay organized, but it will also help you determine what you should be posting so that it aligns with all of your other marketing strategies. Create a posting schedule, follow through with that schedule, and then observe how your followers react. The schedule can always be altered and edited to fit the needs of your overall marketing goals. 

Instagram Stories can take your social media marketing plan to the next level. I highly suggest that you take a gander through your story feature on your own profile and see what you can create! Do you use Instagram Stories for your business? Let me know in the comments what tactics work for you! 



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