Creating and Growing Your Personal Brand on Instagram

Do you own a business? Do you have an Instagram for that business? If you do, you probably have a solid branding tactic for that business. For example, my business’ Instagram is very thought out, especially my posts. For the most part, I stick to a color scheme and post consistent content. I brand the company as a small, locally based dance company and post interesting photos and videos that provoke conversation and interest in modern dance. Lately, however, I have come to realize how important it is to have a personal brand that is consistent or at least supports your business brand. Read on for a few tips about how you can elevate your personal brand so that it not only represents you, but your business as well.

Decide How You Want to Represent Yourself

The truth is, we are all many things and deciding on just that one thing that truly represents us is really hard! So, don’t choose. It’s okay to be many things and post a lot of different content – especially on your personal profiles. In fact, your followers will thank you when they don’t have to see yet another photo of you doing the same thing you posted two days ago. This is the beauty of Instagram. Our followers get a glimpse into our lives and the more authentic you can be, the better. That being said, you’ll want to choose one main idea. When you have one main idea, it will be easier to make your other personal posts align with that one main idea.  So, choose a few things that you like. For example, are you a fitness instructor or personal trainer? Post mostly that content. If you want to post more personal experiences, relate it back to fitness. Did you go on a tropical vacation recently? Post photos of your workouts with an ocean view. The important thing is ensuring that all of these posts have some kind of cohesiveness. You want your followers to be drawn to your profile!

Find a Color Scheme

Do you notice that whenever you post, you post wearing a black shirt? Or maybe it is yellow or even blue? Whatever the color might be, embrace it and run with it! I’m not saying you can only wear those colors if you are posting to Instagram. What I am saying is that if you’re noticing a color is cropping up consistently in your content, then make sure that color always shows up. It will add cohesion across your profile and ensure that your page is engaging and interesting. I like this blogger’s Instagram for this very reason. Every time Steffy posts, it has something orange in the photo or video. From the look of it, Steffy also makes sure she edits with the same preset or editing tools every time. I suggest Adobe Lightroom for a free and easy editing app. Whether you’re posting more personal images or you’re sharing your new blog, remember to stick to your color scheme and the same editing tools. It is all about cohesion!


So you’ve created an aesthetic and determined how you want your profile to look. What’s next? Engage with your audience. This is more than just posting consistently. Responding to comments is highly underrated. Followers love to feel acknowledged and if you can give them some sort of acknowledgement, they will likely keep following and supporting you. Ask your followers questions and genuinely take an interest in their answers. The more you hear what your audience wants, the more you will be able to deliver and the more you’ll receive in return.

Create Content That is Shareable

Template by @hannahmartini_

A big trend on Instagram right now are templates. Templates are shareable quizzes and questionnaires that you can post to your story and tag a few friends to also fill out. These can help build your brand as they are often shared over and over again with your Instagram name on the bottom of the template every single time. It is extremely easy to create a template via Canva. Still don’t know what a template is or need an example before you set out to create your own? I like this template by Reno-Tahoe photographer Hannah Martini. You can see her templates live by visiting her Instagram account and going to her “templates” story feature.

Remember to Use the Tag Feature

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Is there a brand, company or individual that you would love to collaborate with? Tag them and tag them consistently! Many bloggers and influencers on Instagram have gotten their start by tagging brands and companies with whom they want to collaborate. The more you show your commitment to a brand you’d like to work with, the more they’ll notice your initiative and the possibility to collaborate will become even more likely. For example, I began working with Tweaking Reality Studios when they tagged my dance company in a post on Instagram. We happened to be in the same place at the same time and they took advantage, filming my dancers and then posting that film to Instagram. You never know, a collaboration could be right around the corner! 

For a few more tips on how to create and grow your personal brand on Instagram, I like this blog post by Alyse Kalish. How else can I help you create and grow your personal brand? Let me know in the comments! 



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  1. Wow! This was packed with great information. I learned so much, especially with the additional posts you included from other experts!


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