Writing: The Backbone of Your Business

So often I see amazing entrepreneurs with so much natural talent, but they can’t write a single grammatically correct and interesting sentence. Grammar mistakes litter their websites and social media posts and I’ve even seen some entrepreneurs laugh it off and simply explain, “so what? I can’t spell.” My rule of thumb has always been, if you aren’t good at something, get good at it OR find someone who can do it for you. This goes for writing, too. 

Being able to express yourself effectively and eloquently is so important for your business and your overall brand. Below I’ll share a few tips to help you improve your writing and take your business to the next level.


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The all too common saying goes, “Practice makes perfect” and this is so true. Practice really does make perfect or at least “practice makes you better.” Write every day and naturally, your writing will begin to improve. Have someone check your work and give you feedback. You could even enroll in a course at your local university or community college. There’s no better way to get better than by simply trying. For more ways to improve your writing, you can read this article by Brad Stulberg. 

Write Down Your Ideas First

Remember those bubble diagrams they made us use in elementary school before we began to draft anything? I’ll be the first to admit, I hated those diagrams BUT they work! Even if you don’t want to revert to your elementary school days, start by jotting down your thoughts. Don’t worry about those thoughts making sense or even creating a complete sentence. Instead, jot down words or phrases that you can come back to later. This will help get your creative juices flowing so you can be ready to make the leap to create a full draft. 

Draft, Draft, Draft

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So, you’re ready to write your first draft. Okay, get to work! But when you are done with that first draft, write another, and another, and another. Keep drafting until you are completely satisfied. Make sure that someone else looks at each one of those drafts before you move onto the next. A second pair of eyes is extremely important when drafting and will make you a better writer.

Get a Second Opinion

Getting a second opinion on your work is extremely helpful and if you’re asking the right questions, it can truly make you a better writer. Ask the following questions of your critiquer for an honest review of your work: 

  1. Is the audience and purpose of the article clearly established? 
  2. Does the supporting material back up the thesis statement or the main idea of the article? 
  3. How is my grammar and sentence structure? 
  4. Does the writing flow well?

Less is More

A lot of the time, we feel we have to write a lot to get our point across. Being succinct and efficient in your writing is integral. Take it sentence by sentence. A writing professor in college once told me, “Cut the fat.” Trim away what you don’t need and keep what you do need. In college, I hated this idea. I wanted all of my writing to sound and look pretty. I quickly discovered, however, that your reader will easily lose interest if you are filling the page with unnecessary jargon and additives. Readers want information and they want it as soon as possible. Cut the fat and you’ll be grateful you did when you’re ready to share your writing with the world.

Hire a Copy Editor or Ghost Writer

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If you are still struggling with writing, you can always hire a copy editor or a ghost writer to ensure you represent yourself and your brand well. We can’t be great at everything. It is especially noble to realize that your strengths lie somewhere else and that that fact is okay. Do what you are good at or what you can become good at and collaborate with others who can help on the things in which you do not excel. 

Want some more tips on becoming a better writer? I like this article by Ashley Stahl for Forbes because it not only gives tips, but it tells you why becoming a better writer will serve you in the long run. 

I hope this article was insightful and encourages you to get started. Have you written this week? I challenge you to draft one piece of writing this week. You never know, it could be your next great idea! 



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  1. I agree with how important it is to write with flow and correct grammar. I couldn’t live without grammarly.com. This is my go-to to check everything I write before I submit for publication.

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