The Importance of Building an Email List

In this day and age there are so many different ways to connect with your audience. Apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook allow you to connect in real time and through direct messages. Building an email list, however, allows for a different kind of discussion and an almost guaranteed connection with your supporters. 

Read on for a few tips and reasons every small business should build an email list.

Email is Personal

Email allows you to reach your audience directly and place any messaging directly in their inbox with their explicit permission. Even more important, your reach is not limited in the same way it is on apps like Facebook and Instagram. A good majority of your followers probably do not even see your posts on these sites. An email is sure to be delivered directly to all of your supporters, not thwarted by a pesky algorithm. 

Your Emails Can Be Targeted 

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

When creating your email lists, you’ll be able to make multiple lists for specific target groups. This way, you’ll ensure that relevant emails get seen by the customers who will act on them the most, while the followers who will find them irrelevant won’t be bothered.

Your Email List is Owned by You 

I can’t tell you how many Entrepreneurs’ information and social profiles I’ve seen deleted on sites like Instagram and Facebook. You do not own your information on these sites, but you do own your email list. This is why it is so important to have an alternate place where you keep all of your client’s and supporter’s contact information. Creating an email list will allow you to keep in touch with your supporters even if your social media profiles were to be deleted. 

Sidenote: This is another reason why having a website is so important. If your social media pages get deleted, how will your supporters find you? Need more information on getting started on a website? You can refer to my recent post on that topic here.

Professional Emails Can Elevate Your Brand

Creating professional emails can elevate your brand and make your supporters even more excited about you or your products. There are a lot of different options out there when it comes to choosing a mass emailing service. I like this blog, 9 Best “Email Marketing” Services for Small Businesses -2020, for deciding what email marketing service might be best for you and your business. I have found the best luck with MailChimp as it is user friendly and affordable. 

Email Makes Your Audience Feel Even More Connected to You

By creating specific content and material for your followers and then delivering it to those subscribers via email, you allow your supporters to feel special. You’ll stay at the forefront of their minds even when they are inundated with so many other messages on a daily basis. Adding a personal touch to every email, such as using the subscriber’s name, will further show your gratitude and appreciation for their support. Make your emails about the person receiving them and you’ll see that the response is positive. 

Getting Started 

Getting started on an email list can be as simple as starting a spreadsheet for all the emails you already have in your possession. Consider creating a subscribe button or pop-up on your website. Want to direct people to subscribe on Instagram? Create a Linktree account that you can connect to your Instagram. From here, you can direct followers to your site where they will be able to subscribe to your email list. 

I hope these tips were helpful. Do you have an email list for your business? Any tips you have for those just starting an email list? Let me know in the comments!


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