Instagram and Covid-19: Making Connections During the Chaos

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it really hard to consistently post to Instagram during the Coronavirus crisis. With everything feeling so uncertain, it is definitely making me uncertain about what to post and when to post. Moreover, I’m feeling uninspired and unsure about how best to reach my followers. While everyone is working from home, you might be worried about overwhelming your followers with posts and maybe you’re even concerned about offending them during these trying times. Below are a few tips and tricks that I have found are working for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are consistently posting throughout this crisis. These entrepreneurs are not only posting, but their posts are receiving traffic and positive feedback. 

Don’t Make Covid-19 the Sole Purpose of Your Post

If you’re going to mention the crisis make sure you offset the negative with something positive. For example, Swoon Bridal – a bridal boutique in Reno, NV – posted this beautiful picture of a bride and groom and focused on the positive instead of the crisis that has put their business on hold. This allows them to stay in touch with their followers, share beautiful and uplifting content, and advertise some of the wedding gowns they offer in stores.

Make Your Posts About Your Audience, Not You 

The more you can show your audience that you appreciate them and what they do for your business, the more people will be likely to frequent your business after this is all over. Appreciation is so underrated. How can you show your Instagram followers that you appreciate them and that you’re in this together? This recent post from Yogahood, a Reno, NV yoga studio, is well written and shows direct appreciation for the followers that are keeping the yoga studio afloat.

Celebrate Others

The Nevada Museum of Art is spending their time in quarantine celebrating the patrons that attend their events, and the artists that inspire them and have taken up residence in their galleries. How can you build up other entrepreneurs during these times? The easiest way is giving them a shout out for all of your followers to see. Kind words and a willingness to help goes a long way.

Be Vulnerable

Don’t be afraid to share where you are emotionally. This is a trying time for all of us and it is okay that you’re not okay. Engage your followers and ask them how they are dealing with social distancing. What tips do they have that you haven’t yet tried? This is a great way to understand what trials and tribulations your followers might be facing, share tips and advice, and truly connect with your audience in the process. I like this article by Kaitlyn Tiffany for The Atlantic. If you’re feeling confused about posting during this time, read this article! Tiffany explains, “Without a steady stream of brunch photos, beach-vacation selfies, and horribly loud concert footage in which the singer is not even recognizable, platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have mutated into hyper-intimate scrapbooks of days spent cooped up inside.” Honestly, it is this intimacy and social interaction that we are all craving and Instagram is allowing an even more intimate look into lives than ever before. Allow your followers to know you and your company when they are craving companionship and they’ll likely return to you after Coronavirus is said and done.

Go Live

Give your audience an opportunity to see you and connect with you in real time. When posting on Instagram live, talk to the camera and your followers as if you are speaking directly to a friend. Letting your audience into the comfort of your home is personal and should be treated as such. The more you can make your followers feel included, the better. I like this article by Andrew Hutchinson for Social Media Today for tips on how to get started with Instagram Live.

I hope these tips were helpful and can encourage you to reach out to your followers during these trying times. After all, we are all in this together. What are you doing to keep your followers engaged on social media? This week, I challenge you to reach out to your audience and make a connection while we are all cooped up at home starving for that interaction! 


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  1. I loved this article, Caitlin! It is packed with beneficial tips and at the same time filled with a deep sense of caring regarding the current situation we are all living through.


    1. I hope you are hanging in there during these crazy times and I’m glad you got something out of this article!


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