5 Ways to Build Your Client Base and Keep Them Coming Back for More

In any business, it is important to consistently build your client base and moreover, to discover the ways in which you can continue to add value to your client’s lives and their businesses. Whether you are starting from square one or have had a long-running business, read on for five tips to build your client base and keep them returning for more.

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Have you heard the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” Turns out that this couldn’t be more true. The more you interact with individuals who are passionate about the same things that you are, the more you’ll begin to see new opportunities arise. So how do you network? Go to events, introduce yourself, tell people why you are passionate about your business and why they should be too. Be proud! People are attracted to confidence and the more confident you are, the more people will be drawn to you.

Pro tip: Know the difference between cocky and confident. Cockiness is not attractive and could prevent you from making the connections you need. 

Confused about how to network during quarantine? Here is a great article written by Dawn Graham for Forbes with some tips on how to network during the Coronavirus crisis.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is often overlooked and underrated. Ask questions of the readers of your blog. What would they like to read? How can you better serve and help them? Ask questions of your co-workers and collaborators. Ask them how a project could read better for your client. Ask them to proofread and lend their opinion. Ask your social followers what kind of content they are wanting to be exposed to and then make that content a top priority. Ask questions and then be willing to take constructive criticism so that you can improve and grow and provide an even better experience for your clients. The more your clients see that you are attempting to meet their needs, the more likely they will remain clients.

Don’t Stop Creating 

Never stop creating! Create photos, videos, and conversations so that you stay in the front of your client’s minds both on social media and when they are exposed to the messages of competitors. Post on social media and create content consistently. (For inspiration, you can check out my blog on creating your own graphics here).This way, your clients won’t feel that they are in the dark and they’ll likely share your content with others. Word of mouth is extremely powerful, so make sure that people are talking about you! The more your clients see that you are actively working to provide even better services for them, the more they’ll appreciate the work you do for them, will be more likely to continue to use your services and suggest your work to others. 

During these crazy times, a lot of entrepreneurs are making their services free or highly discounted. They see that their clients, and potential clients, have a need and they are attempting to meet that need however they can. This is smart and will help expand your client base now and after coronavirus has passed. People won’t easily forget that you and your services were there in a time of need and you’ll come out on the other side of this with not only more clients but a stronger, more loyal client base as well.

Create A Community and Then Support that Community

Creating a community for your clients is helpful. Do you own a business where you can connect your clients to one another? My fitness coach, Odelia Silva, has a Facebook group where all of her clients can post about exercises, recipes, etc. and encourage one another. This builds community amongst your clients and reminds them that they are not alone in their goals and pursuits. Don’t simply create a Facebook group and call it a day. DO make sure that you are consistently adding to the conversation and encouraging your clients to use this service. Odelia often checks in with a simple post asking all members to voice their wins for the week. The encouragement is appreciated and the support helps me stay accountable. How could you incorporate a sense of community into your business?

Be Professional

So much of being professional aligns with the simple idea of being compassionate. Show your clients you care about them, that you’ll do anything to help them reach their goals, and they’ll likely show you the same compassion. Clearly outline your expectations for your client and make sure you are 100% clear on the expectations they have for you. The more you show compassion and professionalism, the more individuals will want to work with you. Back up your talk with real action and show your clients that, at the end of the day, you are there for them! 

I hope these five tips were helpful and you see the ways in which you can incorporate these simple steps into your business. Have questions? Let me know in the comments! Remember, take building a client base day by day. It isn’t something that happens over night, but with hard work, attention to detail and perseverance, word will travel, people will see your value, and your client base will begin to grow! 



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