Keeping Your Brand Creatively Authentic: Making Your Own Graphics

In my first post, I mentioned how important it is not to take credit for another individual’s work. I can’t tell you how frustrating it was for me the first time someone failed to give me credit when I worked really hard on something. It is not a good look to take credit for another person’s hard work and effort and you should always steer clear of this mistake. So how do you avoid taking credit for the work of another person? 

Always cite your sources! 

Did you get a cool picture online or are you using music in a vlog that belongs to someone else? Tell your followers! Just be honest! Your followers and subscribers will still follow you and want to read what you have to say – maybe even more so if they feel you are an honest person with integrity. This goes for collaborations as well. Are you working on this project with another person? Are you splitting the work? If your answer is yes, then the work is not just your work. Give your partner the credit they deserve! Cite your partner or the work you’re using in your blog, vlog, etc. in captions and text. Wherever you post the credit, make sure it can be easily found! 

Consider creating your own graphics…

Another great way to make your work even more authentic and honest is by creating it yourself. There are a multitude of easy-to-use sites out there that will allow you to create interesting graphics that are personal to you and your brand. Being true to you and your brand might mean creating something unique and your supporters will thank you for not posting the same ol’ same ol’. Read on for a few of the sites and tools I have found to be the most user friendly! 

Canva – This app allows you to create professional graphics in a super user friendly way. No need to be an Adobe Indesign pro for this app. You can create everything from interesting presentations to eye catching social media posts and a whole lot in between right from your phone. This app is free to get started! 

Here is an image I created in Canva for a holiday e-blast for my dance company. Photos are by Tweaking Reality Studios.

Superimpose App – This app allows you to easily and quickly superimpose photos on top of one another for a unique look. If double exposures are your thing – this is your app! I like to use this app when I want to see what two photos will look like together or if I need to superimpose a logo or graphic over the top of an image. I use this app if I’m in a hurry and need to get a general idea of what an edited, final product will look like. This app also allows you to place text on an image of your choice. Just remember: if the image is not yours, make sure you give credit! It would be in your best interest to get permission to alter original photos as well before making any changes or publishing anywhere. This app is free to get started! 

Here is a double exposure image created on Superimpose. The original two photos that create this now single image are by Tahoe Film Company!
Here is an example of a logo placement with Superimpose. The original photo is by Tweaking Reality Studios.

Adobe Spark – Adobe Spark allows you to create super professional graphics for posts, webpages, videos and more. While a little bit more complicated than the two apps mentioned above, Adobe Spark is your one-stop-shop for creating enticing content that can easily be shared socially. This app is free to get started, but Adobe will add its logo to anything you create. If you don’t want that pesky logo associated with everything you do, you can upgrade for $9.99 a month. 

Here is an example of what you can create on Adobe Spark! I did this one for my upcoming Bridal Shower!

I hope this post was helpful and gave you a few ideas to keep your brand creatively authentic. Do you know of any other helpful tools? Let me know in the comments! Have any questions? I’d love to answer them or help you find the answer! Please feel free to reach out!

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